The inaugural TOGETHERelay & Solo, is a Pacific Coast Trail Runs and PWRLab.com experience. We call it “open course trail racing”: Relay or Solo, 400+ miles with 70 segments on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The new technology from PWRLab, GPS tracking, and being on real trails, not virtual, with the Bay Area trail running and hiking communities will give this event the integrity and feel of a live event without the finish line festival. This first of its kind event will benefit the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council (BARTC) and local businesses such as running specialty stores, restaurants, and pubs. This year marks our fourth year of partnering with BARTC to create the Bay Area Ridge Trail Series. With some of our series races having been postponed and not yet rescheduled, we thought this would be a great replacement. The PWRLab.com experience is a proprietary data science analysis of your running data, a real-time personal dashboard, and a team leader board. Together, we have created a personal/team dashboard to go along with leader boards and up to date map tracking. You can run or hike all 70 segments and 400+ miles on a team or by yourself. Do all of them or simply do your best to complete as many as you can.

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