How It Works!

How TogetheRelay Works


    1. The Bay Area Ridge Trail course consists of 4 sections, 70 segments, and 400+ miles
    2. You will compete as an individual or on a team
      1. You will start when you or your team are ready
      2. You will finish when you or your team have completed all 70 segments
      3. There is NO time limit for each segment. You or your team must complete the 70 segments by end of day December 31, 2020 OR Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 in 2021. We will extend the deadline past December 31, 2020 if there in not a vaccine.
    3. How you go about completing all 70 segments is up to you and/or your team:
      a. Option A: complete in order starting at segment 1 and finishing with segment 70
      b. Option B: complete the segments in any order you desire
    4. What is a Segment? a. A segment is a specifically designed point-to-point trail that must be followed using provided data
    5. Segments must be completed in full by one runner only (segments cannot be split into smaller sub-segments by relay team members
    6. Segments will be completed by foot only – running, hiking, jogging, skipping, and dancing are all fantastic, but no riding bikes, horses, dogs or drones along the segments. Any cheating will result in automatic removal from the race.
    7. How to Compete & Score
      a.  For the “Total Segments Time” category, segments DO NOT need to be completed in order and can be completed simultaneously (at the same time) by relay team members. Segments can be completed multiple times by multiple team members to achieve the best possible time on each individual segment. Your team’s “Total Segments Time” is the sum of each of your team’s best segment times added together. A relay team competing in the “Total Segments Time” category can complete multiple segments in parallel at the same time. b.  For the “Total Elapsed Time” category, segments DO need to be completed in order, sequentially, starting with segment #1 on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  A runner cannot begin the next segment until the previous segment has been fully completed.  Your team’s “Total Elapsed Time” is the sum of the total time that has elapsed from the time your team starts Segment #1 to the time your team finishes the last segment (inclusive of all breaks for sleeping, work, dancing, etc.)

      1. Before you head out to do any segments, make sure your watch has your activity set to “running” and that any “auto-stop” option is disabled. Accidentally recording your activity as biking, hiking, walking, bear-crawling or anything else that is not a running activity, will result in us not being able to capture, analyze, and validate the activity, which means you won’t get credit.
      2. When you get to a segment and are ready to start, make sure to wait until your watch’s GPS has a clear lock before you hit start to begin your segment.
      3. Start and end each segment as close as possible to the official start/end location point. You need to completely stop your watch after every segment – do not pause your watch and walk around after you have finished as this will result in your data being invalid. Each segment needs to be its own individual activity on your watch with the start and stop of that activity as close to the official segment start location and end location as possible. See the Course Info page for information on the exact start and end locations of each segment.

      1. Please respect others while on the trail with good behavior and honor the social and physical distancing recommendations.
      2. All race entrants will receive 2 face coverings. You are required to carry one with you at all times and “mask-up” when within 100 of another park goer.
      3. No littering. Pack in and pack out.
      4. Cheating is absolutely prohibited. The PWRLAB technology allows us to catch a very wide range of possible cheating scenarios and if we suspect any cheating (whether it’s riding a bike or having someone complete a segment wearing your watch and pretending to be you), you will be immediately eliminated from the event and not allowed to compete going forward.
      5. Crew and pacers allowed and ENCOURAGED as long as social distance guidelines are respected. LET’S CRUSH THIS GORGEOUS EPIC OPEN COURSE OF BEAUTIFUL TRAILS TOGETHER!  

The goal of this event is to raise awareness for the Bay Area Ridge Trail, surrounding communities, and local businesses. We hope that you partner with us by running, hiking, or walking this event.