Empowering athletes by sustaining their health

Where sports performance meets data science

Just like the TOGETHERELAY experience is all about you being the creator of your own adventure, the PWRLAB experience is all about you being the master of your own health journey. Whether you want to become faster, stronger, more powerful, more resilient (or all of the above!), PWRLAB gives you all the tools necessary so YOU can make decisions about how you:

Plan. Work. Recover.

It’s your own personal 
LAB to experiment and fine tune your body. 

The PWRLAB app takes all of your watch data (from basics like pace and cadence to complex, proprietary calculations such as power output, critical power, ground contact time, and effort-based workload) and translates that into your own personal check engine light. 

That check engine light takes those myriad of complex calculations as well as the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research and gives you a simple grey, green, yellow or red reading. If your check engine light is flashing yellow or red, you can then look under your own hood at PWRLAB’s more detailed analytics to see what might be putting you at a higher risk of injury (high mileage? high intensity? a stride with suboptimal ground time?).
PWRLAB gives you the keys to your own car, as well as a kickass on-board computer system that EMPOWERS YOU to make sure you never have to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow or stuck at home waiting for that spare part to come into the shop when all you really want is to be on your epic adventure – whatever and wherever that may be!  
Your unstoppable journey starts here!