Race Info

Race Info

Starts: When you or your team are ready to take the first step onto the trail, then your event starts. 

Ends: Either December 31, 2020 or Until there is a Vaccine in 2021.

How To Compete

• Relay Team or Solo

• Relay Teams consist of 2 to 10 people

• Relay Team categories are duo, 3 to 5, or 6 to 10 people 

• Relay Teams can be all women, all men, or mixed gender

Name Your Team: 80’s Band Name you choose at Registration if not already taken

What You Get: Ultra-light jacket with hood, choice of 2(mask, buff, and/or bandana), complimentary PWRLab.com Account (Valued at $96) for the duration of the event, finisher award, daily leaderboard update, real-time personal dashboard with running data

PWRLab Experience: 

• PWR Lab Training Dashboard

• advanced metrics, workload & injury risk

• daily “TOGETHERelay & Solo” realtime leaderboard

Awards and Finisher Ceremony: At a time when it is safe in 2021 we will all get together to celebrate individual and team awards. 

Entry Fee:

Solo Effort: $129 (One Person)

Duo: $229 (Two Person)

5-Person Team: $509 (Three to Five Persons)

10-Person Team: $999 (Six to Ten Persons)


What Each Runner Gets:

 ~ Light Weight Jacket ~
 ~Choice of two: Mask, Buff, or Bandana ~
 ~ Numbered Bib with Team Name ~
~ Free Account/Dashboard with Data Analytics Partner: PWRLAb.com ~
~ Access to Live Map Navigation Partner: OuterSpatial.com ~
~ Live On Course Tracking Partner: TBD~
~ Course: 40+ Segments of Bay Area Ridge Trail ~ 
~ Total Distance: 500K ~
~ Awards: Total Elasped Time. Total Moving Time. Point System ~ 
~ Awards Ceremony: At a time when it is safe in 2021 ~ 

The goal of this event is to raise awareness for the Bay Area Ridge Trail, surrounding communities, and local businesses. We hope that you partner with us by running, hiking, or walking this event.