Rules & Course Outline

Race Info:

Starts: Sometime in June 2020 (When CDC Phase 3 Starts)
Ends: Either December 31, 2020 or Until there is a Vaccine in 2021.

Relay Teams: Solo, Duo, 3-5 person or 6-10 Person.

Team Name: 80’s Band Name you enter at Registration if not already taken
Awards: Total Elasped Time. Total Moving Time. Point System
Swag: Mask, Buff, Bandana, Jacket, and more
Ceremony: At a time when it is safe in 2021


Solo Effort: $129 (One Person)

Duo: $229 (Two Person)

5-Person Team: $509 (Three to Five Persons)

10-Person Team: $999 (Six to Ten Persons)

What Each Runner Gets:

 ~ Light Weight Jacket ~
 ~Choice of two: Mask, Buff, or Bandana ~
 ~ Numbered Bib with Team Name ~
~ Free Account/Dashboard with Data Analytics Partner: ~
~ Access to Live Map Navigation Partner: ~
~ Live On Course Tracking Partner: TBD~
~ Course: 40+ Segments of Bay Area Ridge Trail ~ 
~ Total Distance: 500K ~
~ Awards: Total Elasped Time. Total Moving Time. Point System ~ 
~ Awards Ceremony: At a time when it is safe in 2021 ~ 

Race Rules:

1. Everyone will run/hike each segment as if it were clockwise direction.
2. Each segment will accessible via in partnership with the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the App.
3. You can run the event several ways… A) by paper map (no tech) B) by Outerspatial app C) downloading a .gpx file and loading to your watch.
3a. If you use a watch to record your run,then you need to make you start and stop your watch at the beginning and end of each segment. Be conservative and start your watch a little early and a little after your finish.
3b. Please make sure your watch does have auto-stop enabled. This means if you stop to stop to go to the bathroom, then auto-stop feature will stop your watch. PWRLab will have that data and you may have to do the segment or receive time penalty (TBD).
4. The true relay (segment one to segment 70) concept is optional. Meaning you or your team can complete BART in sequential order from segment one or you can run each when in any order you wish (ex. 4 then 24, 25, 1, 70, then 61,62,63. If you or your want to be on the leader board the Total Elapsed Time category, then you must start at segment #1 on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. All the segments will be posted on the website in partnership with the Bay Area Ridge and the Outerspatial App.
5. Please respect others while on the trail with good behavior and honor the social and physical distancing recommendations.
5a. We have provide you with 2 face coverings. You are required to carry one with and “mask-up” when within 100 of another park goer. Mask-down when you are out of range.
6. Crews and Pacers are allowed.
7. Cheating if forbidden and you will be eliminated from the event shall you try to ride a bike or have someone else complete the segments for. PWRLab has artificial intelligence software that will shall any anomaly pop-up.
8. No littering. Pack in and pack out. Please do not contribute to cross contamination in the COVID-19.
9. Relay teams running the segments in non-sequential order can run them at the simultaneously.
10. You or your relay team can complete each segment whenever is convenient. Multiple segments can be completed in parallel at the same time.
10a. Segments do not need to be completed in order. Segments can be completed multiple times to achieve the best possible time. Your team’s time is the total “moving time” of each segment added together. Please remember that if you choose to do it this way you or your team will not be eligible for the “Total Elapsed Time” Competition.

The goal of this event is to raise awareness for the Bay Area Ridge Trail, surrounding communities, and local businesses. We hope that you partner with us by running, hiking, or walking this event.